The Truth About Avoiding a Hangover

We all know alcohol causes hangovers, but why? We’ve listed some ways to avoid feeling terrible the day after a party, and how you can consume responsibly!

Stay hydrated – We’ve heard this one before but drinking a glass of water between each glass of beverage alcohol is key to preventing a hangover. Plus, it keeps you from downing drink after drink. Nurse your water the same way you’d nurse a drink.

Stay EXTRA hydrated! – Stay extra hydrated by mixing spirits with water or club soda. Add a little lemon or lime for a delicious drink. A good rule of thumb? 1.5oz spirits = a standard drink.

Don’t just consume liquids – Drinking on an empty stomach is a recipe for disaster. Make sure you have snacks throughout the evening and eat a full meal before you drink. #garlicfingers #donairpoutine

Get a full 8 hours – Alcohol can prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep. Make sure you have time to get a couple of extra zzz’s in after a night out.

Drink in moderation or not at all – The more you drink, the worse the hangover. The only way to guarantee being hangover free? Drink in moderation or choose not to drink at all. Find an alternative to partying on a Friday, like hosting a video game tournament with lots of pizza or going on a hike somewhere new!